Places To Visit in Dzongu Sikkim

Dzongu offers the discerning traveller a host of options. Whether it be simply unwinding at the canopy verandah with a cup of local 'lemon tea' or hiking through one of the many trails that meander through the forests ,one can be assured of an excellent get away from the humdrum of modern day existance.

Hikes and Day Walk

Connected very well with old footpaths and footbridges, one of the best ways to explore the area is via guided walks.
Monastery Walk: This will be a relatively easy walk and we recommend most to try to get a better feel of the area and enjoy undisturbed nature. Duration: Approx. 1 hour round trip. Level: Easy
Rabong Hike : This is a more extended walk which is more of a village hike following an old trail that is riddled with a few tricky sections and stream crossings. A bit more demanding, this is good for those Duration: Approx. 3 hour round trip. Level: Moderate
Chorten Walk: This is a nice walk to the opposite ridgeline climbing steadily from the property ending off at a precipice where old ‘chortens’ or stupas of our ancestors stand. The view from here on a clear day looks far into the valley right up to the Teesta at the bottom. Duration: Approx. 3 hour round trip. Level: Easy-Moderate


Dzongu being a newly opened destination, does not see the usual rush in tourist flow, hence even the very old trek routes of 'Tholung' and 'kishyongla' are lesser known, yet rank among the most picturesque! Please note these ttreks require preparation and a good level of fitness.
Tholung Trek: The Tholung Monastery is very significant in the religious history of Sikkim and is home to some of the most rare artifacts in these parts. The trek starts from upper Dzongu - the village of Timvong and will climb all the way to 8000ft. Challenging trails, scenic beauty and old relics at the Tholung monastery are the highlights. Duration: 2N3D Level: Medium-Hard
Kishyong Trek: The Kishyong trek is one of the least commercial treks in Sikkim and is undertaken by only a few keen trekkers. The trail is difficult and will require good fitness levels and keen knowledge through a local guide. Undisturbed forests, mountain views, high altitude pastures and fast flowing water all make up the thrilling Kishyong Trek. Duration: 3N4D Level: Hard

Riverside Picnic

Dzongu is a reserve for the aborigines of Sikkim- The Lepcha ,and being only recently opened to visitors, it is a great place to find un touched virgin forests and sparkling clear rivers! Post breakfast depart for an excursion to a nearby riverside. The route is good to walk so leave the vehicle in most parts for a good easy hike. We arrange for a fresh cooked meal at the riverside with produce from the nearby farms and some foraging in the woods! Visit en route some interesting sites and learn more about the Lepcha way of life.

Sulphur Hot Spring

Dzongu further explorations. Today we can have the option of doing some extended walks, easy and accessible, as Dzongu roads are largely free of traffic. The highlight of the day will be a visit to a Sulphur Hot Spring and we prepare a fresh meal of noodle soup at the site itself. Full day excursion and return to Property by late evening.